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A guide to Worcester's boiler controls

Worcester’s controls are designed for combi and system gas and oil boilers, and also regular oil boilers.

(If you’re looking for controls for your gas regular boiler, your Worcester Accredited Installer will be able to advise you.)

For new and replacement boiler installations you must have either: a timer or programmer with a room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves or a programmable room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves.

Smart control

Smart, internet-connected controller for central heating and hot water

Image of wave
The Worcester Wave’s intuitive and modern design ensures it is very simple to operate using either its in-built touch screen or the Wave app from wherever you are.

Ideal for homes and small businesses, the Wave is compatible with all current Worcester Greenstar gas-fired combi boilers and a range of Greenstar system boilers. It can also be retrofitted for use with some previous Worcester EMS-Bus appliances.

Intelligent controls

Achieve the greatest efficiency from your boiler and help to reduce your fuel bills

Image of FR110/FW100 ControlsThe most advanced range of controls from Worcester not only responds to your personal settings but also assess and adjusts the boiler’s output to make it more energy efficient. They have easy to use digital displays, and like the digital group of controls, also adjust to British Summer Time/Greenwich mean time and offer a holiday function where you can suspend your usual heating pattern for the duration of your holiday.

The most efficient control we have in our range is the FW100 Weather compensation controller (pictured, right) which comes with an outdoor sensor. It assesses the temperature outside the house and adjusts the output of the boiler accordingly, resulting in the most efficient use of fuel.

Digital timers and programmers

Offer greater flexibility in controlling your heating and hot water

image of DT20 twin channel digital programmerDigital timers, programmers and programmable room thermostats provide you with more options. As a general rule, you can program different patterns for different days of the week, to suit your lifestyle, which can be particularly useful for weekends. Most of them automatically adjust to British Summer Time/Greenwich mean time and also offer a holiday function where you can suspend your usual heating pattern for the duration of your holiday.

Our range of programmable wireless room thermostats offer more accurate control of your room temperature and increased levels of comfort. It controls aspects of your central heating remotely from your boiler, very convenient if your boiler is not easily accessible e.g. in a loft space or garage. This also means there would not be disruption to walls, flooring or furnishing to have them installed.

Basic mechanical timers

image showing MT10 Mechanical Timer

Simple to operate and offer the minimum features you need

Basic mechanical timers control the times for your heating only. The ‘teeth’ on the mechanical dial are used to control 15 minute periods and the heating pattern you set will be the same every day.

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