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Our products are designed to provide heating and hot water to UK homes.  During their specification and design we strive to ensure that they are as efficient as possible in both their construction and operation.  Longer term, our aim for the future is to decarbonise our product portfolio to contribute to achieving net zero carbon. 


We welcome the new “green industrial revolution” that has been set out by the Prime Minister. The UK is leading the world in its drive towards net zero carbon emissions by 2050, and we look forward to working with the Government to help turn admirable ambition into accelerated action.

Although 2050 may seem a long way off, action needs to be taken now to ensure that we can achieve the target.  We have detailed information should you want to read further. 

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Worcester Bosch Hydrogen Boiler

Planet Friendly Packaging

Our new Greenstar 4000 boiler comes in planet friendly packaging, meaning all components can be recycled or composted. 


We are proud to say that every part of the packaging surrounding our products is recyclable. The main sticking point in our packaging was that although all parts were recyclable it’s not often that local recycling points will take polystyrene.  

  • The key change is the replacement of polystyrene with a fibre based honeycomb material is used to protect the boiler during transportation to the customer.
  • Using this honeycomb material has meant the packaging can arrive at the factory flat-packed, which means that it takes up less space in transit, therefore fewer trucks are needed for delivery.
  • Although it was possible to recycle the bags our accessories were packaged in at specialist recycling points – we have now changed our bags to compostable ones, so they will biodegrade.
  • The box is FSC certified cardboard, we have also changed the stapled edge to a taped edge, which reduces the thickness of the collapsed box, enabling more boxes to be transported on fewer trucks.
  • All materials come from FSC certified sources – which means they are fully sustainable.
  • The polypropelene banding is also recyclable.
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All of our Greenstar gas boilers are at a minimum 92% efficient.

Meaning every single Worcester boiler is A–rated for efficiency, the highest rating a boiler can attain. This results in saving gas and reducing emissions whilst still maintaining the heat and comfort in your home.

Worcester Bosch boiler range

Current products

We currently have a range of products to suit domestic needs in the UK which includes gas and oil fired boilers (combi, system and regular), cylinders, controls, renewable technologies and a range of accessories – to view this extensive range please visit our current boiler product range.

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Modulating pumps

Each one of our boilers has a modulating pump inside it, this means it only pumps water around the central heating system when necessary, reducing wasted energy and improving efficiency.


We offer a range of controllers which interact intelligently with our boilers and will alter the power of your boiler depending on the weather conditions and the temperature within your home, to quickly and efficiently provide heating at the temperature you desire. This is called weather and load compensation.

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We also offer a range of internet connected controllers which detect when you leave the property and allow individual room control, again reducing wasted energy 

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