Boiler scrappage scheme

Boiler scrappage scheme

Published: 05-01-2010

Worcester has heaped praise on the Government for making its 'Greener Boiler Initiative' - launched today - easy to access for homeowners.

The new scheme will offer up to 125,000 homeowners a £400 incentive to replace their old Band G gas or oil boiler with a new condensing boiler, on a first come first served basis.

Grants will be administered by the Energy Saving Trust.

Worcester will also be supporting it with an additional year's guarantee to anyone purchasing a Worcester Greenstar condensing boiler through the boiler scrappage scheme.

How the boiler scrappage scheme evolved

The Greener Boiler Initiative, informally known as the Boiler Scrappage Scheme, was first unveiled in the Chancellor's Pre-Budget Report in December 2009.

Worcester has commended the speed at which it has been introduced and the simplicity of the application process.

Carl Arntzen, Director of Bosch Thermotechnology, commented: "We are very impressed with the format of the new scheme and how the grants will be administered.

"The plans emphasise the importance that the Government has placed on the issue of inefficient heating.

"It was in May 2009 that we at Worcester first started campaigning for this type of scheme, so for it to have been implemented in just seven months is a fantastic achievement for all involved.

"We are extremely pleased that the Government has responded so swiftly and efficiently to our recommendations. To have seen the whole process move so quickly has been a breath of fresh air and we are very optimistic about this new approach.

"The initiative will make a real impact, by both significantly reducing carbon emissions and securing affordable long term energy prices for homeowners."

Reducing carbon emissions

It is estimated that there are currently 4.5 million Band G gas boilers in use throughout the UK which contribute heavily to the country's high level of harmful carbon emissions.

Carl Arntzen added: "If the full amount of money allocated for the initiative is utilised, it will save the country 140,000 tonnes of carbon.

Currently the Greener Boiler Initiative grant will only be available in England due to legislation governing the Devolved Administrations.

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