Stylish wood burning stoves added to our portfolio

Stylish wood burning stoves added to our portfolio

Published: 06-03-2017

  • Two wood burning stoves add to our award-winning portfolio
  • The Greenstyle Hanbury and Greenstyle Bewdley give two distinct styling options
  • Clean-burn technology ensures high efficiency and low emissions

When it comes to toasty and inviting warmth, nothing beats a wood burning stove. Now, heating up the style stakes, we have added two brand new wood burning stove models, both designed to add a chic focal point for your home. 

Featuring two very different looks, the Greenstyle Hanbury and Greenstyle Bewdley wood burning stoves can work perfectly in modern and traditional homes alike.  And with three outputs available for each range, both are ideal for cosy snugs through to larger open-plan spaces.

Designed to our exacting specifications, both models deliver quality and efficiency. Incorporating clean-burn technology for a higher heat output and minimal emissions, the stoves are between 74% and 86% efficient – amongst the highest level possible for a wood-burning stove. Given their low emissions our stoves are also DEFRA exempt, so you can install one wherever you live in the country. 

  Download our Greenstyle Stoves Brochure

The Greenstyle Bewdley

Expertly crafted in steel to give sleek, smooth lines and a modern, square glass front, the Bewdley adds a touch of contemporary flair to any room.

The robust, high-temperature resistant steel provides a rapid heat up time whilst an optional integral wood store provides a neat way to store wood as well as acting as a base. When installed with the store included, the additional height turns it into the perfect freestanding stove.

The Greenstyle Bewdley is available in 3kW, 5kW and 8kW models.

The Greenstyle Hanbury 

With curved Cabriole legs, cornice top and matt-black, cast-iron finish, the Greenstyle Hanbury has a timeless elegance that can make a statement in both period and modern homes.

The beauty of cast iron is that, although it may take longer to heat up, it naturally retains the heat and gives off warmth long after the logs have burned down. The Hanbury also features a convenient hearth ash catcher, which increases protection from hot embers and makes the stove quicker and easier to clean.      

The Greenstyle Hanbury is available in 4kW, 5kW and 8kW models.

Both Greenstyle models come with a no quibble 5-year guarantee for the main body, handles and core components plus 1-year cover for the glass, grate and seals.

Things to consider when opting for a wood burning stove

Does my home need to have a chimney?

Stoves can be installed in homes with or without a chimney, however a flue is needed to safely remove the smoke, hot gases and other by-products created when wood burns and there are two ways to approach this.  

The flue can be housed in an existing chimney if your home has one. Your installer will need to check the condition and pull of the chimney and line it accordingly.

If you haven’t got a brick built chimney, a pre-fabricated flue can be installed either inside or outside of your home up to and above your roof level.

What can I burn in the stove?

It is important that the wood used has less than 20% moisture. Any higher and it will not generate as much heat, create particle build up in the flue or chimney and blacken the glass of the door. Look out for the Woodsure Plus accreditation or measure with a wood moisture meter.

It can be tempting to burn whatever you have to hand but many materials can give off dangerous fumes indoors and generate harmful environmental emissions. So do not use painted, varnished, glued and pressure treated wood, driftwood and engineered wood like MDF.

How will I know which stove to buy?

The size of stove you need will depend on how much heat is required, the size of the room, and your home’s insulation levels, which can all be calculated by your local Worcester Accredited Installer.

Are Worcester’s Greenstyle Stoves Efficient?

Yes. The clean-burn technology ensures higher heat output and minimal emissions, making the stoves between 74% and 86% efficient – amongst the highest level possible for a wood-burning stove.

How do you control the flames?

Simple to use air control levers at the front of Worcester’s stoves make it possible to adjust the flames; so you can switch from a roaring fire to a gentle flicker with ease.   

Do I need planning consent or building regulation approval?

Fitting, altering or replacing an external flue or chimney, or having work done which affects a chimney, is likely to need building regulation approval. Planning consent is not normally required as long as certain conditions are met but it is best to check both of these with your HETAS approved installer before starting any work.

Where can I buy a Greenstyle Stove from?

Greenstyle Stoves are only supplied through Worcester Accredited Stove Installer who offer full installation and servicing of your stove.

Find your local Worcester Accredited Stove Installer 

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