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Customer service

As part of the Bosch Group, we’re committed to high standards of customer care, long after the purchase of your product.

Our customer service and award-winning technical support teams are based in Worcester, and we have 300 service engineers across the UK and Ireland.

How we communicate with you

We have been made aware that a small number of Worcester, Bosch Group boiler owners have received unsolicited telephone calls from companies or individuals claiming to be from Worcester, Bosch Group. These calls are usually stating that the guarantee on the boiler is now coming to an end and that you may be able to extend this by paying a sum over the phone with bank account or card details.

We can confirm that Worcester do not contact homeowners or Worcester boiler owners to inform them that the guarantee period is drawing to an end. We do not make unsolicited telephone calls to end users offering them service contracts or warranty extensions.

If you receive any such calls we advise you to confirm the details of the caller including name, organisation and telephone number if possible, terminate the call and contact the Worcester contact centre, telephone 0330 123 9339.

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