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Condensfit II telescopic flue system with plume management

For the last seven years Worcester has offered two flue options for installers – the Simplefit for non-condensing appliances and Condensfit II for condensing. A new Condensfit II Flue Kit was launched in 2006, which marries the best features of both current flues plus introduces new innovations.

The new Kit is a modification of the Condensfit II and includes horizontal kit, vertical kit, 60mm diameter plume management kit, 1m flue extensions, 90 and 45 degree bends, two weather seals and wall clips.

Explained Martyn Bridges, technical manager; “We’ve taken on board what installers really want from a kit and included new additions, such as the weather seals and wall clips, as well as improving existing components to make installers lives easier.”

Offering substantial savings on installation time and convenience, the flue extensions mean that there’s no need to try and cut the flue on site. The new concentric flue also means that pluming can be managed more effectively. Explained Martyn, “Pluming can be a real problem in some installations whether it’s too close to a window or a nuisance for neighbours, so rather than having to re-site the boiler the plume management solutions takes pluming to an acceptable exit point.”

The inner tube is 60mm and the outer tube is 100mm, pluming exits through the outer tube. The flue is fitted as normal but can extended up to 3m up the property wall. It doesn’t need any special tools to fit it and Worcester now provides the wall clips. It’s new aesthetically pleasing design also makes it more appealing to the homeowner.

Other plume alternatives are the 45 and 90 degree bends which will direct the plume toward or across the wall, these can be angled left or right. For vertical flues, Worcester has introduced a new weather seal. There are two seals to choose from – one for pitched and one for flat roofs. Added Martyn; “Many installers make their own seals and the addition of these to the range offers a time and labour saving device as well as offering protection for the homeowner.”

Date published: 24th July, 2006

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