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How to reset your boiler's timer when the clocks go back

Last weekend the clocks went back in the UK so you may need to adjust your Worcester boiler’s control.

Some of our boiler controls adjust to Greenwich Mean Time and British Summer Time automatically. For others, the user manual for your control is available on this website.

Boiler controls that automatically adjust

These boiler timers automatically adjust to GMT/BST:

  • DT20 twin channel digital programmer
  • DT20RF digital RF thermostat with twin channel programmer
  • TD200 text display
  • FW100 weather compensation controller
  • FW110 programmable room thermostat

Other boiler controls

User manuals can be found in our literature section. Simply select your boiler and browse the list of literature for your user manual.

View gas boiler literature

View oil boiler literature

Watch videos about boiler controls

Watch boiler control videos

Date published: 23rd October, 2009

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