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New longer flue lengths for CDi boilers

Longer flue lengths will result in increased siting options - particularly for Greenstar 37 and 42CDi boilers

As a result of improvements to components in the Greenstar CDi the need for acoustic foam in the air inlet has been removed (see photo below). This, combined with improvements to the flue components, has resulted in longer maximum flue lengths for the Greenstar CDi wall hung range.

Key changes are:

  • 42CDi max 60/100 horizontal length increased from 2.6m to 6m, max 60/100 vertical flue length from 4.9 to 7.5m
  • 37CDi max 60/100 horizontal length increased from 5.7m to 6.5m, max 60/100 vertical length from 6 to 8m
  • Reduction of maximum flue length for 60/100 diameter when using bends decreased:
    • 45deg bend now 0.75m (was 1m)
    • 90deg bend now 1.5m (was 2m)
  • 80/125 diameter flues reduction for bends remains the same

Note! All the new maximum flue lengths can be found on each individual product’s website page in the technical data tables.

Image of CDi maximum flue change diagram

Date published: 9th January, 2009

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