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Spares information

Find your nearest Worcester spares part stockist.

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Get the spares you need, when you need them.

The red Profile stockist logo identifies branches in your area that offer 98% availability of genuine Worcester, Bosch Group spare parts today.

All branches featured on these pages offer 100% next day availability of genuine Worcester, Bosch Group spare parts.

Need help finding the right spares? Our new spares website is the tool for you.

The website provides data supplied from Worcester's own live catalogue with part numbers and exploded drawings available for all parts.

Visit www.worcestersparescatalogue.co.uk

Whilst it is always our intention to fully assist, it is essential to recognise that all information given by Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd in response to an enquiry of any nature, is provided in good faith and based upon the information provided with the enquiry. We recommend that advice should always be checked with your installer or contract partner. Consequently, Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd cannot be held responsible for any liability relating to the use or repetition of such information or part thereof. In addition, whilst making every reasonable effort to monitor the performance and quality of our supply, installation and service network, we do not accept responsibility for the workmanship or operation of any third party company that Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd may have promoted either in conversation, email or other communication. Similarly, the views and opinions expressed in communication with individuals within Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd may not reflect that of the business as a whole.

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