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Wiring diagram

The schematic shows a standard GB162 hydraulic, complete with low loss header. Connecting the sophisticated energy saving controls to the GB162 is simplified by the use of colour coded plugs.

The RC35 programmer, outdoor weather sensor and domestic hot water tank sensor are all wired back to their respective plugs which are then simply clicked into the coded connections on the GB162. For systems with an additional unmixed or mixed heating circuit, the MM10 with flow temperature sensor can be used to control a pump and mixing valve.

As shown in the schematic, it is possible to connect an RC25 to this module which provides room temperature influence to the weather compensating heating curve. The WM10 module for the low loss header and unmixed heating circuit pump is connected in the boiler tray via the EMS bus.

Download the wiring diagram PDF

Image of GB162 wiring diagram


Image of GB162 wiring diagram key

Guide cable requirements

Image of GB162 guide cable requirements

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