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Customer relations

Customer relations

Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd is committed to providing products and services of a high quality.

We realise that sometimes things can go wrong, and there may be occasions where problems arise which result in our product or service falling short of a customer’s expectations.

We encourage you to contact us using the form on this page, whether you have a comment, query, criticism, or an expression of dissatisfaction.

Our complaints procedure can be seen further down this page.

What is a complaint?

An expression of dissatisfaction about the product or about the standard of service you have received.

How will we deal with your complaint?

Step one: Registering your dissatisfaction

Contact our Customer Relations team using the form above.

Please explain the reason for your dissatisfaction clearly and concisely. Our Customer Relations team will log all the details.

If you prefer to contact us by letter, please provide your full name, address, postcode, contact telephone numbers and the address where the product is located, if different.

Please send your letter to:
Customer Relations Correspondence Team
Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd
Cotswold Way

Step two: Acknowledgment

Following receipt, we aim to acknowledge your complaint within 2 working days (Monday – Friday excluding public holiday) of receipt.

Step three: Investigation

Your complaint will always be investigated by a trained customer relations coordinator. We will be as thorough as possible and may contact you for any additional information we require.

Step four: Conclusion (initial response within 0 – 4 weeks)

The customer relations coordinator will investigate all the facts and come to a conclusion that takes full account of all the issues. We will either send a final response or a further holding letter/email which will seek to inform you that we have been unable to give a final response and an indication as to when you will hear next from us.

Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd is not regulated by a national body but in setting its policy on redress to customer complaints it works to a standard it believes to be fair and reasonable.

This complaints procedure does not affect your statutory rights.

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