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New additions extend Worcester Bosch CDi range

Extending the choice of SEDBUK A boilers the new Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi range gives more options to the homeowner and more benefits to the installer.

Designed to complement the existing range of A rated conventional CDi series boilers the new addition Greenstar CDi range consists of four models -25CDi; 30CDi; 35CDi and 40CDi.

The new boilers offer a modulating circulating pump which automatically increases or decreases its speed and electrical consumption to suit the system demand, ie when TVRs open and close. They also condense fully in both the central heating and hot water modes.

Installer friendly, the boilers come with wall mounting frames, which means all the pipework can be routed behind the appliance. Plus the physical dimensions are smaller (760mm x 440mm x 360mm), the weight lighter and all the new boilers have the new look Worcester Bosch skin design developed in response to consumers wishes for a good looking boiler that doesn’t need to be integrated and to bring differentiation to the Worcester Bosch brand.

Available from April, the range offers:

– 25CDi suitable for a small / medium sized 1 bath property offering a flow rate of 10.5 l/min and an output to central heating of 7.7-25kW

– 30CDi suitable for a small / medium sized 1 bath property offering a flow rate of 12.6 l/m and an output to central heating of 7.7-30kW

– 35CDi suitable for a medium / large sized house offering a flow rate of14.3 l/min and an output to central heating of 7.7-30kW

– 40CDi, suitable for a medium / large sized bath property with en suite shower offering a flow rate of 16.3 l/min and an output to central heating of7.7-30kW.

All the Greenstar CDi models use the same aluminium-silicon heat cell –the WB5 - which has an extra large surface area. As flue gases pass through the heat exchanger this larger surface area cools the flue gases to around 55 degrees centigrade where the latent heat, which would normally be dispersed into the atmosphere, is applied to the system. This allows the boiler to extract as much heat as possible from the gas it burns.

Non-condensing boilers achieve around 80% efficiency, which means the new range of six boilers offer consumers a 15-20% saving on heating and hot water bills. This energy-saving performance is achieved by recycling exhaust gases to extract and release latent heat, significantly reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

All CDi models are compatible with six optional Worcester Bosch plug-in controls, which eliminate the need for external wiring and will meet the requirements of Part P and Part L.

(needs to be in a table) Timer Model


MT10 – mechanical timer

A simple, easy-to-operate timer with switching points every 15 minutes over a 24 hour period.

MT10RF – mechanical RF thermostat

A simple, easy-to-operate timer 24 hour mechanical timer with a radio frequency room thermostat. It features comfort and night set back temperature selectors.

DT20RF – digital RF thermostat with twin channel programmer

A wall-mounted RF room thermostat with digital display, combined with a twin channel digital timer in the boiler fascia. It benefits from automatic time and date set-up, automatic summer / winter time changeover and a backlight for use in low light conditions.

DT20 – twin channel digital programmer

A versatile, easy-to-learn7 day, digital programmer offering up to 3 on/off settings per day. It includes automatic set-up, automatic summer / winter time changeover and a green backlight for low light conditions.

DT10RF digistat

A wall-mounted 24 hour programmable RF digital thermostat combined with a fascia mounted single channel programmer to time the hot water cylinder or combi preheat functions. The programmer includes a built-in receiver for the room thermostat and all of the functionality of the DT20.

DT10RF optimiser

A 7 day digital programmable RF thermostat with a programmer / receiver in the fascia. The optimum start feature, where the thermostat delays the firing of the boiler until necessary, is an energy-saving option.

Installer / consumer benefits

Other benefits include a filling link supplied as standard – saving labour; multi-directional fluing available in two different sizes 100mm and125mm– giving siting flexibility; pump seizure protection – preventing call back; a central heating boost function. Also no ventilation grilles are required for compartment installations –saving both money and labour.

Housebuilder / Social housing benefits

Other benefits include adjustable hot water control – offering user comfort and economy; boiler keep hot facility – instantly heated hot water modulation control, anti-cycle control, electronic ignition, condensing in DHW mode – all energy saving features; built-in frost protection – money and labour saving; operational status indicator – consumer friendly; no bypass required –saving labour and money and holiday function – allowing the boiler to be even more economical.

The CDi range is available in natural gas and LPG versions.

The new boilers will be replacing 29HE conventional and 40HE conventional. The other models in the CDi range include the 30CDi and 40CDi conventional.

For more information contact Worcester Bosch on 08705 266241

Date published: 4th April, 2005

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