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New Greenstar Low Loss Header

Introducing the new Greenstar Low Loss header

Image of Greenstar Low Loss HeaderHaving obtained feedback from many of you regarding the challenges you face in the domestic market, we have once again added to our award winning Greenstar boiler range.

Here, Martyn Bridges introduces the Greenstar Low Loss Header and explains how it will widen your boiler installation options.

Perfect option for cascading two boilers

“Many boiler installers are finding that properties which are considerably larger than average have a subsequent higher demand in heating output.

“As a result, some have resorted to designing their own Low Loss Headers in order to cascade two domestic boilers to meet this output.

“In keeping with our complete system offering, we are offering a Low Loss Header option to installers, which adds a vital component to our Greenstar range and a perfect solution for those of you looking to cascade two boilers in larger properties.

“The Low Loss Header serves to maintain a suitable flow rate throughout the heating system, even when multiple heating circuits are in operation to satisfy the demand of the property.

“Thanks to this addition, you will be able to satisfy demands of up to 70kW using the Greenstar boilers you have become accustomed to.

“We are aware that due to the existing regulations in the domestic heating sector, installers are only able to fit boilers with outputs of up to 70kW. Anything larger than this requires a commercial ACS qualification, which arguably requires too much of an investment for those focused on installations in the domestic sector alone.”

Save time and money

“The Greenstar Low Loss Header package includes all of the required fittings to connect the system and balance the flow rate through the boilers with the varying flow rate through the system.

“By offering the complete package we hope that installers will be able to save time and money thanks to a ready-made solution which is easy to install.”

Installation considerations

  • When encountering a system which is large enough to require two Greenstar boilers or the customer wishes to split the system load so that two boilers do the job ensuring a back up is in place in the event of a breakdown, then the Worcester team only recommend a Low Loss Header for this arrangement.

  • Providing the total input rating for a domestic property is 70kW, then the heating system can be serviced and maintained by a registered engineer with domestic qualifications. Properties requiring an input rating of more than 70kW are classified as commercial and can therefore only be attended to by a commercially-qualified installer.

  • In the absence of a sequence controller for the boiler system, a lead/lag boiler combination can be used. This is where one boiler‘s thermostat is set 5°C higher than the other boiler. The lead boiler should be swapped with the lag boiler at each annual service to ensure that the load is met evenly by both boilers across their respective lifetimes.

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Date published: 15th December, 2011

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