Greenspring CWi47 Greenspring CWi47 Greenspring CWi47
Greenspring CWi47 Greenspring CWi47 Greenspring CWi47

Greenspring CWi47 overview

Our Greenspring Continuous Flow Water Heater is the perfect solution for large domestic as well as small, medium and large commercial applications that use multiple sinks, baths and showers.

This water heater can be installed in single units or multiple cascades of up to 12 units.

Features & Benefits

Clear LCD display and hot water temperatures can be adjusted using simple up/down buttons
LPG version available
Wireless remote control option available
Compact design
Ideal for domestic and commercial applications where multiple showers, sinks and baths are used at the same time
Can cascade up to 12 units with a combined flow rate of up to 247l/min
Temperature raising accessory for applications that require thermal disinfection
A rated ErP hot water efficiency at XXL

Technical Details

Part Number 7 703 311 082
Maximum Hot Water output (kW) 50
Flow rate at 35°C rise (litres/min) 20.6
Flow rate at 25°C rise (litres/min) 28.8
Temperature Control
Solar compatible
Remote Temperature Control

Related Accessories

Boiler Accessories Part number
Higher set point 7 736 500 605
Flue Part number
High level horizontal flue adaptor (125mm dia) 7 719 002 433
Vertical BF kit (125mm) 7 719 002 4312
Support bracket kit (125mm dia.) 7 716 191 174
Horizontal flue kit (125mm dia.) 7 719 003 7022
1000mm extension (125mm dia.) 7 719 003 666
45 degree bend (100mm dia.) 7 719 003 665
90º bend (125mm dia.) 7 719 003 664
Other Part number
Remote control 7 736 500 569
Cascade kit 7 736 500 272

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