which award 2020

Another year of success

In the 2020 Boiler Brands report carried out by Which? Worcester Bosch scored brilliantly once again. Worcester Bosch performed exceptionally where it matters, notably for reliability, build quality, customer score and recommendation.

Our Which? License has changed!

We’ve made the decision to renew our Which? license on the three products detailed below.

This does not change the fact that all of our gas and oil boilers were awarded a Which? best buy in the 2020 best boilers report, but it does mean we are only able to promote the Which? logo alongside these three boilers until the next Which? award announcement in September.

  • Greenstar 8000 Style Combi
  • Greenstar i Combi
  • Greenstar 2000

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What this means for you

Some of the key changes as to how you can use the Which? logo include:

  1. Logo included in product level marketing only – this for example means; you can only use the Which? logo with one of the three above products and you must clearly state that the Which? logo relates to the product shown e.g. ‘Which? Best Buy awarded to Greenstar 8000 Style Combi’
  2. You will no longer be able to reference Worcester Bosch having 11 years of Best Buys in your marketing until September when the 2021 endorsements are announced and you hopefully can promote 12 years of Best Buys.
  3. The Which? logo cannot be used in brand level marketing i.e. ‘Worcester Bosch has been awarded a Which? Best Buy’. This doesn’t mean you can’t talk about us having Best Buys in your marketing, it just must be product specific until September.

Recommended by Which?

The report gives homeowners a valuable insight into which boiler brands to avoid, and the comparison between the best and worst brands. It summarised;

‘Worcester Bosch performs so consistently well in our annual reliability surveys that its name is synonymous with dependability’... ‘Worcester Bosch is a Best Buy for both its gas and oil boilers.’

new kitchen with which awarded boiler

We’ve had members tell us that seeing a Worcester Bosch boiler while viewing a property has elicited sighs of relief, as ‘at least I won’t need to replace the boiler anytime soon’.

 Which? Best Boiler Brands Report 2020


Discover our new Greenstar 2000 combi

Our new boiler, the Greenstar 2000 combi has also achieved a Which? Best Buy this year. Accessible for all, our quietest combi boiler has a number of enhancement from its predecessor, the Worcester 2000, and is quicker to install.

Discover Greenstar 2000  

Greenstar 2000 award

Which? throughout the years

which 2014


Worcester Bosch continues to be the best gas boiler brand. Its customers are the happiest of any brand’s customers.

which 2017


Worcester Bosch continues to be the benchmark against which other boiler brands should be judged. 

which 2019


Reliability is the single most important consideration when buying a new boiler and Worcester Bosch has it in spades.

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