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Here at Worcester Bosch, warmth is at the heart of everything we do. Those home comforts you enjoy each day- sometimes without even realising, such as warm baths and showers or hot radiators that you warm your toes on, on a cold day!

As well as warming lives, we want to protect our future and change our world for the better. And that’s where you come in!

Read our book and help us!

We are proud to share with you, our new children’s book, ‘A Robot Called B4’ which will take you on a journey back in time to see how different the world used to be.

We all know how valuable our planet is to the billions of people and animals living on it and we want to help look after this wonderful world together.

We’re constantly trying to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint and be more sustainable- there is so much we can be doing.


We need your help!

Please read our book and tell us what other adventures you would like Alfie and Ava to go on and what positive changes you think you can make to help save the planet and make the world a better place!

Read the book

Read our book

Listen or download our storybook here

Storybook winner

Our Storybook competition winner

Nine-year-old Samuel Debenham wins fiction writing competition. His entry “A City Called L8R” will be printed and hosted online.

Storybook - kids in cave

Environment 2050

Enter our art competition for a chance to win love to shop vouchers up to the value of £100!


meet the characters

Meet the Characters

Meet the characters from the book and get to know them

angelica bell

Angellica Bell

Meet our narrator of 'A Robot Called B4' audiobook - Angellica Bell

Storybook - dinosaurs

Interested in our book tour?

We’d love to take our Storybook on tour around the UK, but first we need your help to find out whether there’s enough interest.

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About us

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Our commitment to sustainability

At Worcester Bosch, we care about the environment and are committed to making a difference.


How is a boiler made?

Learn more about how boilers are made and how they help us 

“There is so much difference in the world now compared to how the world used to be. It’s shown me how much damage humans are doing to the planet. We need to start looking after our world.”

George, age 8. 'A Robot Called B4' reader