About us

Our Company was first set up a very long time ago in 1962 by Cecil Duckworth who saw a need for boilers in homes.

Previously in most of the houses and flats in the UK all the heat in a house came from a coal, gas or electric fire and the hot water was heated by an instant hot water heater which was usually put by the taps in a house. 

Cecil saw that if we located the heating and hot water elements all in one unit then this would make central heating much easier for homes (this was called a combi boiler).

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Our locations

Main factory

Worcester Factory

This is the main factory where our boilers are built and the production area takes up most of the space here.  However, it’s also where all the other activities needed to support our products and customers are based.  Its moved a few times but is now close to the M5 motorway.

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Distribution Centre

There is a large warehouse facility which is a very short drive from the main Worcester factory and this is where all the products that have been built, tested for quality and then packed in boxes go and are stored until someone places an order for them. It's from here that all our deliveries are loaded and sent all over the country in large trucks.


Clay Cross Factory icon

Clay Cross Factory

There is also a factory in Clay Cross which is in Derbyshire where they make all the boilers that are positioned on the floor rather than mounted on the wall.  They have a lot of expertise in that factory particularly with welding (joining metal together) which is needed to make these heavy boilers.

Bosch Group

In 1996 (still the last century!!) Cecil was thinking about retiring and he found that the Bosch group (which is a company who has businesses all over the World) would be interested in taking over the business. So from then on Worcester Heat Systems became Worcester Bosch and was able to benefit from knowledge and processes that this big organisation could help with.

Bosch Group

Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch is now a big company in the UK. We have over 1800 people who work for us all over the country.

A lot of them work at Worcester and at Clay Cross but also we have people who help us to sell the product to installers (the workers who fit the boilers in your house) and house builders around the country and we also have engineers who know a lot about the product and can help people who have them in their homes if there is a problem.