How a boiler works

You probably use your boiler almost every day – but it’s something in your home you’ve never seen, tucked away in a kitchen cupboard or even maybe an airing cupboard, you know, the place where your parents may pop the towels to dry them. A boiler is a really cool part of your home, obviously we would say that as we make them, but here’s why we mean it.

Boilers help to keep you warm

If you are reading this, you probably live in the United Kingdom, sadly though, the weather isn’t always wonderful – we get lots (and we mean lots) of days each year when it rains, or when it’s really, really cold, to the point it makes you wrap up super warm in jumpers, scarves and a big fluffy coat.


We bet you’ve walked back into your house after school on a particularly chilly day, chucked your coat and shoes off and quickly ran over to the radiator to warm yourself up – Well guess what, you could have our boiler to thank for that.


Check the radiators!

You’ll know if the heating is on by standing near the radiators, the boiler sends hot water to these, and they in turn make your house nice and warm. Your parents (or you if you are really sneaky) probably control the temperature of your home most days, they do this by speaking to our boiler, maybe even literally, if they’re cool enough to use voice control. They can ask it to turn on, to turn the temperature up in your home and in some cases to even change the temperature in just one room – best make sure you stay off the naughty step.


Have a nice warm shower!

Have you ever wondered either how when you use the shower at home, or even have a bath, where the hot water comes from? Yep, that’s our boilers again. When you turn the shower or hot tap on in your house, it sends a message (not a text message, sadly, would be cool though) through to the boiler asking it turn on, the boiler will then send the hot water through the pipes in your house (You’ll probably never see these as they are hidden), and then lastly the hot water ends up in your hands, or on your head if you’re in the shower – pretty great isn’t it!