Summer Maintenance

Summer is the perfect time to ensure your boiler is in shape and ready to support you throughout the colder months. There are a few things you can do during the summer to keep your boiler in good health.

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Servicing throughout the summer months allows engineers and installers to identify any issues before the temperature falls. Service appointment availability is also much higher, so you are more likely to be able to arrange a service at a date and time that suits you. It is often a condition of your boiler manufacturers guarantee that you are required to have an annual service to maintain its validity, keeping you covered should you encounter any problems during colder spells

Benefits of a Boiler Service

Upgrade your Boiler

With the warmer temperatures, you’re less likely to be inconvenienced by the process of replacing your boiler. Upgrading your boiler is a big investment, and the summer months allow you to make this decision with less stress and haste. This also gives you a good opportunity to upgrade your boiler control. Our range of controls offer you an additional way of boosting your system’s overall performance and saving you money on your heating bill.

Boiler Replacement

Switch on your Heating

Whether you choose to switch off your boiler completely during summer or switch to hot water only, it is recommended to run your central heating for a few minutes once a month to keep the system in working order. Doing this occasionally throughout the summer will prevent components of your heating system from seizing up. You should also check your boiler pressure, as well as your radiators to see if they need bleeding. 

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