RC25 Room Thermostat
RC25 Room Thermostat

RC25 Room Thermostat overview

Our RC25 can be used in conjunction with our RC35 and GB162 boiler to allow precise programming of the room's temperature while also acting as a room thermostat.

When using two RC25 controls with an RC35 control acting as a room temperature sensor, then ErP controls classification VIII is achieved and a subsequent 5% can be added to the space heating efficiency - see our ErP Label Generator Tool for more information.

Features & Benefits

Can control one mixed and one unmixed heating circuits and DHW, while also having the space to allow the connection of an additional module.

Technical Details

RC25 Room Thermostat
Part number 7 747 312 367
Efficiency uplift *
Internet Connected
Room Thermostat
Wall Mounted
Boiler Mounted
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