Our key account team specialises in multi-technology home comfort solutions for the residential project sector. They are your perfect partners in delivering the best results, offering expert guidance to meet your project needs. Find your local key account manager and get in touch for any inquiries.


Adrian Nevans - Scotland

Phone - 07971645995

Email - adrian.nevans@uk.bosch.com


Matt McGann

Matt McGann - Central East

Phone: 07790488476

Email: Matt.McGann@uk.bosch.com


Nigel Bartlett - Central West

Phone: 07767432561

Email:  Nigel.Bartlett@uk.bosch.com

Chris Hawkings

Chris Hawkings - South West

Phone: 07767432528

Email: Chris.Hawkings@uk.bosch.com

steve horton

Steve Horton - North West

Phone: 07767432533

Email: Steve.Horton@uk.bosch.com


Neil Martin - National Specification Manager

Phone - 07790489708

Email - neil.martin@uk.bosch.com


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All of our local Sales Managers are experts on our products and services and will be happy to provide any support or advice you need.

Our postcode search allows you to find your local social housing account manager and get in touch with them.


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