New higher spec. Same great value.

We fed in what you fed back

You talked, we listened and everybody wins. From installer feedback we’ve made loads of improvements to the new Greenstar 2000, from extended flue lengths to increases in output, enhanced PRV access, an improved condensate trap, a new hydraulic assembly and more. Not forgetting that it’s also Quiet Mark accredited.

With so much more going for it, it’s a better boiler offering even better value. Now more than ever, the Greenstar 2000 is a great value boiler.

Worcester 2000 7 year guarantee

Why install the Greenstar 2000



7 years peace of mind†.

Quiet Mark

Quiet Mark

Super quiet for customers.

Easy installation

Easy Installation

Installer-friendly PRV and condensate trap.

Installer-friendly connections

Installer-friendly connections

Gas and hydraulic connections are in-line and 35mm from the rear of the appliance. Simple push-fit condensate connection and 90-degree compression elbow supplied for PRV, all improve speed of installation.

Easy access components

Better access to all key components including PRV, with a new hydraulic assembly, improved condensate trap and simple one-screw removal of the plate heat exchanger.

Easy access components
Flexible controls

Flexible controls

The Greenstar 2000 works with all Worcester Bosch plug and play RF controls and 230V options.

Improved performance

With 94% seasonal efficiency and a 1:10 modulation range, the new Greenstar 2000 delivers greater savings on your customers’ bills.

Improved performance
Condensate trap

Condensate trap

The new improved condensate trap comes with a simple push-fit connection and is easily removable. External termination of condensate is flexible and possible up to 3m (insulated pipe).

Rear Spacer Frame Accessory

The rear spacer frame accessory allows wall mounting with space behind the boiler for vertical piping, for quicker and neater installations.


Installer Brochure

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Consumer One Pager

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Installation Manual

Download our Greenstar 2000 installation manual

Operating Instructions

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