Fueling the future of comfort for social housing

We know that your customers’ comfort is of utmost importance to you and, with our long-term partnership, support, care and Which? Best Buy endorsed boilers, you can have long-term peace of mind for your housing stock – with both quality and reliability.

We will support and work with you through the process, from choosing the right product for your housing stock all the way through to after sales.

We appreciate the need for pragmatic, short term solutions and for long-term planning in an environment where decarbonisation goals are shaping how heating will be fuelled in the future.

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Greenstar 2000

Greenstar 2000 a next generation combi-boiler perfectly engineered for social housing

Suitable for apartments, small and medium sized homes with one bathroom, the Greenstar 2000 combi is manufactured to the same Bosch high quality standards as existing and future gas boilers. Along with our entire gas and oil range, the Greenstar 2000 combi is backed by a Which? Best Buy endorsement.

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Hydrogen blend ready boilers, what does that mean?

Nearly all gas appliances that are in use today, including our boilers, are able to run on a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas. This is called a ‘blend’ and sees 20% of the fuel source powering the appliance being hydrogen gas, with the remaining 80% being natural gas. This means, that when the government begins to increase the amount of ‘green gases’ into the UK gas grid, you can be confident your tenants new gas boiler will run for its lifetime without any wholesale changes to switch to an electric boiler for example.

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Bespoke packages for your customers comfort

By choosing Worcester Bosch, you couldn’t give your customers a better guarantee of reliable comfort, or a more tangible demonstration of your duty of care.  By ‘buying once and well’, we deliver long-term value which driven by longer service lifetimes, fewer breakdowns and simple switching once the boiler has come to the end of its natural life.

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Why Choose Worcester Bosch

By choosing Worcester Bosch you’re giving your customers more than longer service lifetimes, fewer breakdowns and guaranteed comfort but don’t just take our word for it.

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greenstar 4000

Greeenstar 4000 has been created from the DNA of the UK’s best-selling Greenstar i

Installed in millions of homes across the UK, our Greenstar i has recently been replaced by the Greenstar 4000.  Having evolved from its renowned predecessor, the 4000 is suitable for a wide-range of properties and incorporates new innovative features to help social housing providers further.

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Remote boiler monitoring

Introducing Vericon’s boiler control module (BCM), a remote monitoring solution for affordable, reliable compliance and safety.

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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

We understand the very particular requirements for Social Housing when delivering efficient and reliable comfort to your customers. 

Making the green transition in your housing stock has a lot to consider and calculate, our specification team can help you assess the best solution to meet your needs.

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We offer a range of accessories that comply with the latest building regulations, improve the living comfort of your customers, all the while reducing wear and tear and increasing the longevity of the heating system.

Learn more about the accessories that are important to you, including our Intelligent Filling System, which maintains a boiler's system pressure, and our new 1050mm fixed (non-telescopic) flue kit.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

What does Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mean to us at Worcester Bosch? CSR encompasses all the practices put in place by us in order to uphold the principles of sustainable development.  For us, this means at the core of our activities we need to not only be economically viable but also have a positive impact on society, and respect and preserve the environment.

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