Social Housing

By choosing Worcester Bosch you’re giving your customers more than longer service lifetimes, fewer breakdowns and guaranteed comfort but don’t just take our word for it.

Hydrogen Boiler

Hydrogen blend ready boilers

Our entire gas boiler range are able to run on a 20% hydrogen blend - so you can be confident it will run on gas for its lifetime.

Quiet Mark

Our Greenstar 2000, 4000 and Air to Water Heat Pumps are Quiet Mark certified – giving you another reason to promote and recommend Worcester Bosch products.

Boiler - Quiet Mark

UK’s top-rated boiler brand

We are proud to announce that our entire gas and oil boiler range has been awarded the Which? Best Buy – ranking top for both fuel types. 

For our gas boiler range, it‘s the 12th year we’ve received a Which? Best Buy endorsement and a third consecutive year for our oil range.

Product Range

Learn more about our wide range of gas boilers to suit your requirements.

Greenstar 8000 Lifestyle range

Our most powerful range of combi, regular and system boilers are suitable for a wide-range of properties.

  • Combi and regular outputs 30kW – 50kW and system outputs 30kW - 50kW

Greenstar 8000

Greenstar Boiler

Greenstar 4000

The 4000 range of combi and system boilers are suitable for a wide-range of properties and incorporates new innovative features to help social housing providers further.

  • Combi outputs 25kW – 30kW and system outputs 12kW - 24kW

Greenstar 4000


Greenstar 2000

Combi boiler suitable for apartments, small and medium sized homes with one bathroom.

  • Outputs of 25kW and 30kW

Greenstar 2000


Greenstar CDi Compact

This compact combi is suitable for an array of different sized properties with up to three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

  • Outputs 28kW, 32kW and 36kW

Greenstar CDi


Greenstar Ri range

Our Ri range of regular boilers can be installed in a standard kitchen cupboard are suitable for small, medium and larger sized homes.

  • Outputs 9kW – 24kW or 27kW – 30kW

Greenstar Ri (9-24kW)     Greenstar Ri (27-30kW)