7001iAW and 7400iAW Air to water heat pumps

Delivering the heat pump advantage in a changing world for Social Housing

We understand the very particular requirements for Social Housing when delivering efficient and reliable comfort to your customers. 

Making the green transition in your housing stock has a lot to consider and calculate, our specification team can help you assess the best solution to meet your needs.

Delivering low carbon, energy efficient heating to your customers’ homes peacefully.

Our heat pumps are Bosch Group developed and manufactured, providing lifetime value that’s backed with our dedicated service and support.

  • 7001iAW outputs between 5kW and 17kW
  • 7400iAW outputs 5kW and 7kW
  • Rated A+++ at 35°C and A++ at 55°C
  • Heating from -20°C to 35°C (outside temperature)
  • Quiet Mark certified for low-noise operation
  • Removable cover gives quick and easy access for service and maintenance
  • No requirement for Glycol to be used

Features and benefits

The heat pump’s monobloc design with sealed circuit makes it easy for contractors to install as they do not need F-Gas registration.

All the components of the heat pump, the heating process and heat transfer take place in the outdoor unit.

The only connection between the outdoor unit and the property is via a water transfer pipe.

In less than 10 minutes an engineer can remove the outdoor unit panels giving them fast and full access to all components for any future servicing and maintenance requirements.

Our range features a 4kW back up electric heater inside the indoor unit providing valuable back-up to your customers and supporting with the defrost requirements.

Even in extreme weathers throughout the UK our heat pumps produce heating and hot water. The well-proven appliances are used throughout Europe and far colder climates like Scandinavia.

Stored hot water of up to 300 litres with our Green Storage WB Range Heat Pump cylinders for even the most demanding of lifestyles.

Our simple CR10H remote room control is available for their convenience and comfort.

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Our specification team have the expertise and knowledge to help you with your needs. Find your local specification manager and get in touch for any enquiries.

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7000iAW Hybrid

7000iAW Hybrid

Our Hybrid 7000iAW, delivers the best of both worlds - using the low-carbon energy supply of a heat pump with the benefits of a gas combi boiler.

Saving valuable living space as the hot water is delivered by the combi boiler so no additional buffer tanks are required.

It’s a simple and compact product to install, with easy access to critical parts and connections at the base of the unit.

Saving energy and managing fuel bills

The hybrid unit gives control of the heating demand, sitting between the heat pump outside and the combi boiler inside.

System efficiency is optimised when it’s favourable to use gas or electricity is based on the fuel costs set up in the unit at the commissioning stage, then the system can call for heat from the heat pump, the boiler or both.

Assisting at every step

There is a lot of funding available to Social Housing organisations to help improve the fabric of buildings and the drive to decarbonisation. Together, we can help your organisation understand this changing landscape to make the most of the funding opportunities.