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For the past 20 years we have worked closely with leading colleges and training providers

This partnership has diversified over time to ensure that your training requirements are kept in line with industry standards and are constantly being revised to suit the ever-changing market.

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Introducing the Future Talent Initiative

We know from focus groups we held last year that young installers, apprentices and those new to the industry, feel that they need more support and guidance from manufacturers in their training and early career stages. This was on a range of topics, including business advice, product training or the future of heating.

We want Worcester Bosch to be seen as the supportive manufacturer to all future installers which is why we are launching the Future Talent Initiative. We have developed a tailored content/video series, which comprises of educational and informative videos targeted directly at this.

We are partnering with HIP Magazine who have helped us further survey young installers and apprentices to find out the topics they are interested in. They will act as our digital media partner, directing their audiences via social to our YouTube channel where the Future Talent Initiative content will predominately sit.

Conor Evans, (our Head of Product Management) has taken on the role of ‘Head of Future Talent’ and will be introducing the initiative from next week.

This along with our platinum sponsor status for Learner of the Year 2022 will help cement our support for those entering the industry – something we believe will help create strong brand affinity for future installers. As well as emphasising our commitment to ‘Protecting the Future’. 

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Future Talent Initiative

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