Picture our Which? Best Buy endorsed boilers working in harmony with our Quiet Mark certified heat pumps and you have the joy of hybrid heating. A smart solution that’s reliable and responsible.

What is a hybrid system?

A hybrid heating and hot water system is a combination of two or more technologies generating heat together as a low carbon alternative for home heating.

These are typically consist of a gas or oil fired boiler and an air to water heat pump.

Hybrid heat pumps can be more flexible to accommodate a wider variety of property types, making them a viable option for less thermally efficient homes, such as period properties than heat pumps alone. Generating heat for 70-80% of the time by the heat pump and during colder months the boiler acting as a back-up, giving all year-round comfort.

It is therefore cost effective and efficient to choose a heat pump with an output below the maximum heat demand of the building – this ensures that the heat pump is delivering its maximum potential.

Hybrid system diagram

Why fit hybrid heat pumps?

Hybrid systems are now recognised as a viable alternative to a sole gas boiler on the journey to net zero. As the technologies continues to grow, you’ll discover more opportunities to install them.

Diversifying now and supporting your customers looking to future proof their homes will open up new opportunities for you.

There are a number of benefits for your customers too for installing a hybrid system, these include:

  • Offers optimised running costs using either the boiler, the heat pump or both
  • Reduced installation size required compared to a sole heat pump installation
  • No need for hot water storage with a combi boiler
  • Reduced appliance cost when adding the hybrid heat pump to an existing system
  • No system changes when retrofitting into existing heating systems with limited remedial works required to the property’s fabric, piping and radiators
  • More familiarity for your customers making their journey into new technology types
  • Futureproofs properties, when installed with our boilers that are able to run on a hydrogen blend they may be converted to hydrogen gas in the future. This also re-assures customers that gas boilers will not be banned from 2025, meaning it’ll be running until the end of its life
  • Allows your customers to improve the fabric of their property over a longer period whilst delivering carbon savings immediately.

Practicalities of fitting hybrid heat pumps


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