Hybrid 7000i AW Hybrid 7000i AW Hybrid 7000i AW
Hybrid 7000i AW Hybrid 7000i AW Hybrid 7000i AW

Hybrid 7000i AW overview

Our Hybrid 7000iAW delivers the best of both worlds. It allows the integration of a high efficiency low-carbon heat pump with the benefits of a gas combi boiler. Learn more about Hybrid technology.

Our Hybrid 7000iAW is simple to install, with easy access to critical parts and connections at the base of the unit. The hybrid unit gives control of the heating demand, sitting between the heat pump outside and the combi boiler inside.

Dependent on the outdoor temperature and room temperature settings, the unit will either call for heat from the heat pump, the boiler or both. System efficiency can be optimised with the hybrid unit, using either the boiler or the heat pump when it will be the most favourable to do so.

Monitors outdoor temperatures to operate the heat pump or boiler to the best overall system efficiency
Ability to set the operating parameters on fuel price ratio
The integrated mixing valve allows longer operation time of the heat pump
Hot water function is delivered solely by the gas combi boiler, so no additional DHW storage or buffer tanks required
The unit reflects the sleek Bosch ‘life’ design and is compact in size
Simple wall bracket hanging
Easy-access PRV mounted externally to the appliance for the heating circuit
The hybrid unit has an integral HMI control for the straightforward setting of parameters, temperatures and service menus
Fast commissioning with two integrated, automatic air vents

Hybrid 7000i AW

Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)
Rated Airflow
Sound Power Level db(A)
Sound Pressure Level

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