A range of accessories

We offer a range of accessories that comply with the latest building regulations, improve the living comfort of your tenants, all the while reducing wear and tear and increasing the longevity of the heating system within your housing stock.

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Greenstar System Filter Range


Protect your heating portfolio for a fraction of the cost

Our Greenstar System Filter range has been designed to combat the damaging effects of system debris and pollutants.

Our Mini System Filter, ideally suited for up to 9 radiators, they offer the same features as our current range but in a more compact size.


Greenstar System Care Packs


Cost-effective system care for your housing stock

  • Wireless Bosch EasyControl (white) RF Care Pack
  • Wireless Bosch EasyControl (black) RF Care Pack
  • Wireless Comfort+ II RF Care Pack 
  • Wireless Comfort+ I RF Care Pack
  • Wireless Comfort II RF Care Pack with Keyless Filling Link

Each pack includes a control, Greenstar Mini System Filter, and a WB1 inhibitor and WB3 cleaner.

care pack

Greenstar Intelligent Filling System


Reduces the risk of call outs

Using the latest innovative software, our Greenstar 4000 and 8000 range maintains optimum boiler pressure.

If the system pressure becomes low, this revolutionary software allows the internal filling valve to automatically fill the heating system to optimum pressure.

The accessory prevents the boiler from over-filling and will alert your tenant if the heating system is losing too much pressure.

intellignet filling

High Rise Flue


High Rise Flue

Our new high rise horizontal flue meets the latest regulations regarding buildings higher than 18 metres. The inner flue is made from an alloy of aluminium and silicon (EN AW-6060), similar to the material found in our gas boilers’ heat exchangers.

This complies with new building regulations requiring no combustible materials to be present in the external wall.


Control range


Control range

We offer a wide range of mechanical, digital, intelligent and smart internet-connected controls.

Our Greenstar Comfort and Comfort+ range are easy to install and simple for tenants to use.


Green Storage WB Range Cylinders


Green Storage WB Range Cylinders

Our high quality Green Storage WB Range of unvented (90-300 litre) and unvented solar (180-300 litre) cylinders offer an affordable solution for your customers.

25 year guarantee on the basic vessel and a 2 year guarantee on cylinder components as standard.*

*Terms and conditions apply

Green Storage WB Range Cylinders