What is ErP Directive?

ErP stands for “Energy related Products”.

It is a new regulation, set by the European Union, that came into force in September 2015. It is designed to improve the efficiency of heating and hot water products by ensuring homeowners are aware of the efficiency level of their products which is clearly displayed by an energy label.

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What is the Energy Label?

ErP defines a minimum performance criteria, that manufacturers must meet, for boilers, water heaters and other heating appliances up to 400 kW. The energy label will be supplied for the same products but up to 70kW.

How will this affect you?

It will be your responsibility to provide the energy label to the customer.

You will also be responsible for providing a package label when combining a heating appliance with another product e.g. a controller.

That package label will provide the combined energy efficiency rating of the whole system rather than ratings of each individual component.

The person who puts the package together is the one responsible for producing a package label. For example:

  • Merchants’ responsibility if they supply the complete package under one part number.
  • Your responsibility if you put the package together.


To calculate the overall package efficiency, you must record each product on a document known as a fiche.

This document will provide the calculation to determine the systems overall efficiency class.

You are then responsible for giving the package label to the homeowner.

How we are making ErP easy as ABC?

  • Our online tool allows you to download a product label or create a completed system fiche and package label. You can then e-mail the label or print it off for your customer.
  • Discussed in every training course
  • Dedicated ErP Helpline - Call 0330 123 3641 or e-mail ErP-advice@uk.bosch.com
  • All our appliances will be ErP compliant
  • ErP label included in all our products that consume energy.