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Our technical bulletins provide the latest updates on our boilers, cylinders, solar water heating and heat pumps.

In addition, our Technical Bulletin Archive contains a range of past bulletins which have since been updated.

Latest Bulletins

TB 0153 a - Sealing flue terminals to walls

TB 0151 a - 8000 Life Regular Cascades

TB 0138 b - WB6 burner gasket inspection

TB 0148 - Fluesnug product

TB 0146 a - Mains pressure requirements for Worcester filling links

TB 0144 a - Reduced front servicing clearances

TB 0142 a - Oil ErP plus flue kits

TB 0143 a - Greenstar wiring centre 8000 Lifestyle compatibility

TB 0141 a - Comfort I and II RF encryption

TB 0139 a - Comfort controls power interruption

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