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Internal view

Image of Greenstar Ri boiler internal view

Key to components

  1. Fan pressure test point
  2. Fan
  3. Air/Gas adjustment screw
  4. Gas valve
  5. Inlet pressure test point
  6. Boiler power switch
  7. Flame indicator (green)
  8. Cover for external wiring connections
  9. Power and fault indicator (blue)
  10. Boiler thermostat and reset knob
  11. Flow connection 22mm compression
  12. Drain point
  13. Return connection 22mm compression
  14. Service access point
  15. Flue overheat thermostat
  16. WB3 Heat exchanger
  17. Manual vent point
  18. Sensor boiler flow
  19. Over-heat thermostat
  20. Silicone tube (use to vent air from heat exchanger)
  21. Removable top case for cleaning heat exchanger
  22. Air/Gas manifold
  23. Syphonic trap

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