Bosch Climate 5000 Large Split Ceiling/Floor range

Our Bosch Climate 5000 Large Split Ceiling/Floor range delivers heating and cooling for small properties such as offices and retail shops – providing comfort throughout the year.  Also compatible with our HomeCom Easy App to enable smart connectivity.

Its sleek design will blend into any room nicely without the need to modify the space - simply installing it vertically on the floor or horizontally on the ceiling.

The easy to install units, which are quiet in operation, achieves an energy efficiency rating of A++ for cooling and A+ for heating.

3D Airflow moves the air flow horizontally and vertically to every corner of the room, while its bio-filter provides your customers with cleaner air.

SEER values up to 6.4. SCOP values up to 4.1.

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ceiling floor air conditioning unit

Installer benefits

  • 5.3kW, 7kW, 10.5kW; 14kW 3-phase and 16kW 3-phase available
  • Easy to service with drain pump included
  • Quiet indoor unit in 'Silent' mode (20 db(a) based on model)
  • Vertical and horizontal louver-controlled air flow
  • 5 year guarantee as standard. Terms and conditions apply
  • Twin system flexibility on 5.3kW and 7kW models only
  • Saves additional 20% of power consumption for 8 hours when cooling with ‘Eco’ mode
  • 'Gear' mode offers 3 operating power options of 100%, 75% or 50% to limit the power level and conserve energy
  • High density, cold catalyst and bio filter to clean the room’s air
  • Heating can be provided even with the outdoor temperatures down to -15°C
  • Compatible with Intesis BMS gateways
  • Eurovent certified performance
  • Control your ceiling/floor units via your smart phone. Optional Connect Key G 10 CL-1 and Gateway Connector G 10 CLC are required
  • You can plan your unit's schedule for the entire week. Optional CRC R-1 wired controller or optional Connect Key G 10 CL-1 and Gateway connector G 10 CLC are required

User friendliness

  • Wired room control and infrared remote room control to simply adjust the indoor unit.
  • Control the unit with a smartphone via the Bosch HomeCom Easy App. Optional Gateway Connector G 10 CLC and Connect Key G-10 CL-1 are required.

Air quality

  • 'I-clean' mode  - Eliminates up to 99% of bacteria by heating up the evaporator to 56°C.
  • Purifying filter eliminates 95% of dust particles, smoke odour and pollen providing you with cleaner air
  • Bio-filter, which consists of specialised biological enzyme and HEPA filter, which catches bacteria, fungi and microbes and eliminates bacteria.


  • Horizontal and vertical louver control to customise the flow of air into each area of your room
  • 'Silent outdoor unit' mode - Reduce noise emitted by the outdoor unit (depending on the model) when in use.
  • 'Follow me' mode - Indoor unit measures room temperature via the temperature sensor in the remote control.
  • ‘Turbo’ mode for rapid heating/cooling when you need to heat or cool the room quickly.
  • Breeze away mode (on selected models) - Prevent air blowing directly on you by using the remote controller to adjust the wind direction towards the ceiling.

Energy consumption

  • 'Gear' mode - 3 levels of operating power to lower energy usage. 
  • 'Eco' mode - Works with a lower level of energy consumption.

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Rated Excellent

Millions of people across the UK rely on Worcester Bosch for their heating and hot water, and we are proud to have received a 5 star rating by our customers on TrustPilot.

5 year guarantee

5 year guarantee

For peace of mind, our air conditioning units comes with a market-leading 5 year guarantee.


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All Worcester boilers are manufactured with Bosch levels of quality and reliability as standard, giving you peace of mind year after year.

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