Bosch Multi Split Air Conditioning Units

Bosch Multi Split Air to Air Heat Pumps

Our Bosch Climate Residential Air Conditioning (RAC) Multi split air to air heat pumps deliver both heating and cooling for your home, small business and office – providing comfort throughout the year. 

Up to five units can be connected to one outdoor unit, saving you space and providing you comfort for multiple zones. Wall-mounted and cassette type indoor air conditioner units are available.

The easy to install HVAC units are quiet when in operation and have a purifying filter that eliminates up to 95% of dust particles, smoke, odour and pollen providing you with cleaner air.


Outdoor units: 5.3kW, 7.9kW, 10.5kW, 12.3kW models are available.

Wall-mounted indoor units: 2kW, 2.6kW, 5.3kW, 7kW models are available.

Cassette indoor units: 2kW, 2.6kW, 3.5kW, 5.3kW models are available.

SEER values up to 6.1. SCOP values up to 3.8. Combination ratio up to 140%. 


Installer Benefits

  • Compact and stylish design
  • Easy and flexible installation thanks to long piping lengths
  • Wall mounted and cassette type units can be mixed
  • Improved air quality thanks to high-density, cold catalyst and bio filters
  • Sleep function. Controls ambient temperature during the night. Auto-modulation improves comfort
  • Self-diagnosis and safety. In the event of failure in operation the unit automatically turns off and displays a relevant error code
auto mode icon

Auto mode

The system switches automatically between heat and cold modes if the ambient temperature is respectively below or above the temperature setting value.

ventilation mode icon

Ventilation mode

The fan speed may be selected without starting up the exterior unit.

cold mode icon

Cold mode

The fan speed may be selected to obtain the required temperature.

dehumidifier mode icon

Dehumidifer mode

This mode adapts the ambient humidity to the optiumum level for the time of year.

heat mode icon

Heat mode

The fan speed may be selected to obtain the required temperature

Why choose Worcester Bosch?


Rated Excellent

Millions of people across the UK rely on Worcester Bosch for their heating and hot water, and we are proud to have received a 5 star rating by our customers on TrustPilot.

5 year guarantee

5 Year Guarantee

For peace of mind, our air conditioning units comes with a market-leading 5 year guarantee.


Same company, Same quality

All Worcester boilers are manufactured with Bosch lvels of quality and reliability as standard, giving you peace of mind year after year.