Ultimate Comfort

Our 230V or 24V smart individual room thermostats offer multi-zone control in combination with the Bosch EasyControl, for systems with radiators and/or water-based underfloor heating.

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Temperature Control

The thermostat allows you to control the temperature directly on the device or remotely using the EasyControl app.


Flexible time schedules can also be set to individual rooms or areas, e.g. upstairs and downstairs, via the app, for higher comfort and energy savings.

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Features & Benefits

  • For system with wired, water-based underfloor heating and/or radiators (multi-zone)
  • Control directly on the device or via the EasyControl app
  • Flexible individual schedules allow energy to be used only when needed
  • Quick and convenient temperature adjustment via rotary wheel
  • Humidity is continuously measured and shown on the display
  • Fully integrates with smart scenarios for comfortable heating and energy saving (IFTTT)
  • 2 years warranty

Part Numbers

  • 8 750 001 003 (230V)
  • 8 750 001 004 (24V)