Wireless Bosch EasyControl

The Bosch EasyControl is a smart internet connected room thermostat that offers customers a simple, stylish and intuitive solution to optimising their home comfort.

  • Can be powered from a 3-pin plug when fitted with an EasyControl RF Key.
  • The EasyControl RF Key and Table Stand allow you greater siting.
  • DHW and CH can be programmed, monitored and controlled via the Bosch EasyControl app.
  • Save energy with presence detection and self-learning.
  • Decide heating times and temperatures for individual rooms with our smart Bosch TRVs.
  • Store your details directly into the app, so your customer can contact you when they need to.


EasyControl Compatibility

White EasyControl: Part number – 7 736 701 341

Black EasyControl: Part number – 7 736 701 392

White EasyControl and 3 Smart TRVs: Part number – 7 736 701 555

Black EasyControl and 3 Smart TRVs: Part number – 7 736 701 556


Greenstar Comfort + Range

Choose from our proven and popular range of comfort controls to provide your customers with the most suitable solution for their home.

comfort+II RF control

Comfort+ II RF

Part number –                    7 738 112 324

Our most popular Comfort+ control is an all-in-one time and temperature wireless room thermostat – perfect for boilers that are not easily accessible.

Comfort+I RF control

Comfort+ I RF

Part number –                   7 738 112 323

Wireless room thermostat with timer functionality in the boiler.

Comfort+ Stat RF control

Comfort+ Stat RF

Part number –                   7 738 112 338

Wireless room thermostat will offer energy savings compared to standard on/off controls.

Comfort+ control


Part number –                   7 738 112 321

Does not come with a thermostat, rather it awakens the timer function on the 4000 boiler display itself.

SimpleSwitch Flue Adaptor

Due to the position of the flue being slightly different to the i Junior and Si (2005-2015), this adaptor allows you to use the same flue hole when flueing vertically or horizontally to the side.

  • When using this time-saving accessory, 8m of available flue length will still remain, exceeding any i Junior or Si flue length of the past.
  • Available in 60/100mm only.
  • This is not required if running horizontally to the rear.

flue adaptor

Greenstar Intelligent Filling System

The Greenstar 4000 combi joins our 8000 Style combi in being compatible with our Intelligent Filling System, bringing the very latest innovative technology to millions of potential homes.

  • Maintains optimum pressure, delivers carefree heating comfort and reduces unnecessary call-outs.
  • If the system pressure becomes low, the internal filling valve opens to restore optimum pressure.
  • Recognises a significant or sudden pressure loss in the system, such as a leak, and prevents the boiler from filling.

intelligent filling system