1. SimpleSwitch and Wall mounting frame

The 4000 is truly the easiest option when replacing our i Junior, Si combi and i System models (2005-2015).

SimpleSwitch refers to sharing the same positions for the top and bottom wall-frame screws, the pipework positioning, PRV, siphon and flue.

Wall-frame provides pre-piping option for all 7 combi pipe connections before the boiler is hung, along with the option to pipe vertically behind the boiler.

2. Front access to all key components incl. PRV

No component has been left unturned within the appliance.  By merely loosening two screws, the front cover can be removed and you will rarely feel the need to remove the right side panel for further access.

The PRV is at the front and the secondary plate heat exchanger can be removed with just one screw. 

3. Intuitive full-text colour display

We’ve brought the control display from our design-led 8000 Style, into the 4000.

It enables you and your customer to control the system more easily, complete commissioning and servicing faster, along with the ability to easily find any future faults.

4. Max. 12m flue lengths (60/100)

The 4000 has longer flue lengths compared the Greenstar i - up to 12m horizontal and vertical (60/100). For 80/125 the maximum flue length can go as far as 21m.

5. Full flow rates from 1 bar mains pressure

The perfect choice for high-rise installations, such as flats or penthouses in addition to areas such as the South East and major cities with low mains pressure.

6. Large 500ml condensate siphon

The large capacity condensate siphon increases the volume of condensate discharge and significantly reduces the risk of freezing with the siphonic release increasing speed of flow, pre-warmed to internal boiler temperatures.

7. Quieter operation

10% quieter than the Greenstar i, the 4000 combi operates at 45dB(a) and our system variants are as low as 42dB(a).

8. 100% planet friendly packaging

We’ve removed all polystyrene packaging and replaced it with a household recyclable honeycomb cardboard.

Plastic bags have also been removed and replaced with compostable bags.  These bags can be placed in garden waste for composting or used as a food waste bin bag.

9. Intelligent auto filling

Our industry-first Greenstar Intelligent Filling System automatically monitors and adjusts system pressure, reducing the need for end user intervention and associated system pressure call-outs.

10. Modulates down to 3kW CH – reducing gas consumption

Up to 1:10 modulation range reduces gas consumption, energy bills and wear and tear on components.

The 25 and 30kW combi can modulate down to 3kW and our 12kW system to just 1.9kW!