What's already happened


18th Nov 2020 – Government release 10 Point Plan

The government’s 10 Point Plan laid out the move to boost hydrogen production with plans for a hydrogen village, town, and eventually city to aid the wholescale transition to hydrogen across the UK

7th December 2020 – Government release Energy White Paper

Issued by BEIS, the Energy White paper set out specific steps for the government to take over the next decade to cut carbon emissions and support 220,000 jobs in the industry

What's happening now


17th August 2021 – Hydrogen Strategy Paper

The Hydrogen Strategy Paper reveals the government’s intentions for hydrogen and how extensive its use will be in achieving net zero 2050

Autumn 2021 – Government to release Heat and Buildings Strategy

The Heat and Buildings Strategy is expected to build on pledges made in the government’s 10 Point Plan and set ambitious targets to cut emissions and achieve net zero 2050

November 2021 – COP 26

The annual UN Climate Change Conference is due to take place in November in Glasgow, where world leaders will meet to combat the climate crisis

What's happening next - 2025-2030


2020-2025 – Completion of H2 domestic trials towards Hydrogen Neighbourhood

The completion of these trials will provide proof of hydrogen’s safety and suitability to wholescale distribution in the main gas grid

2025-2030 – Introduction of 20% hydrogen blend into the gas grid

Hydrogen will be blended into the gas grid in the not-so-distant future before a transition to wholescale hydrogen use

2025 – Gas boilers squeezed out of new build properties

Installation of gas-fired boilers will be made difficult due to requirements of 75%-80% CO2 reductions. This is in an effort to push the use of lower-carbon alternatives such as heat pumps, which are suitable in such a setting

What's happening 2030 and beyond


2030-2035 – 100% hydrogen gas expected into gas grid

The use of hydrogen will transition as planned for wholescale use on the gas grid

2035 – Gas-fired boilers removed from the market in favour of hydrogen boilers and heat pumps

Once hydrogen gas is fully integrated into the gas grid, homeowners will upgrade to lower-carbon technology, be it hydrogen boilers, heat pumps, or alternative solutions

2030-2050 – Hydrogen conversion rolled out for domestic, dispersed industry, and transport

Hydrogen to potentially be implemented across all walks of life beyond home heating

2050 – Net zero target

Net zero carbon emissions to be achieved

Future of our industry

Future of our industry

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Technical Information

Technical Information

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Homeowner FAQs

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