Greenstar CDi Classic combi: new and improved

Greenstar CDi Classic combi: new and improved

Published: 07-08-2012

Thanks to our two-way communication process with you, the installer, we have been able to introduce a number of new improvements to our CDi combi boiler, which is an established part of our award-winning Greenstar gas boiler range.

The improvements, which are now available across a number of different outputs, mean that you will be able to offer your customers a gas boiler with a proven track record of high performance and reliability with the knowledge that we have once again made further enhancements.

For further peace of mind, the Greenstar CDi Classic combi boiler is also included as part of our 5 year guarantee promotion.

Increased domestic hot water output

We have increased the maximum domestic hot water output rates across a number of outputs to enable your customers to benefit from increased comfort within the home.

The 27kW, 30kW and 37kW output boilers within the CDi range will be upgraded to 29kW, 34kW and 38kW in a move which substantially improves performance.

New magnetic flap

In addition to greater outputs, the flap opening mechanism on the front of the boiler changes from a Push/Push mechanism to a magnetic catch fastening.

This intuitive design ensures easier opening of the flap and greater security, which is particularly important when your customer wishes to alter their individual settings.

Reduced standby electrical output

Finally, with customers continually looking at ways to reduce their energy consumption within the home, we have managed to reduce the standby electricity output of these CDi boilers from 9W to just 3.5W.

This enables customers to benefit from a more energy efficient source of heating and hot water, which will have a positive impact on electricity bills.

Martyn Bridges comments: "It is thanks to our close relationship with the installer that we have been able to continually improve our product range to ensure our boilers are as reliable and efficient as possible.

"These latest improvements offer another series of benefits which are likely to make our established CDi boiler even more appealing to the homeowner."

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