Which heating control is right for my customer?

Which heating control is right for my customer?

Published: 08-08-2018

The popularity of heating controls might be on the rise, but with so many different types available, how do you make sure you choose and install the best one for your customer?

Smart thermostat

A smart thermostat is connected to the internet to ensure the user is able to control their heating using their smartphone or tablet. It will also record energy usage and even automatically adjust the heating according to the weather.

Who’s it for? Anyone can benefit from an internet-connected smart thermostat, customers who are tech-savvy and willing to engage with their heating control stand to benefit the most.

Which one should I choose? The Bosch EasyControl is our latest smart thermostat. Pair with smart thermostatic radiator valves (eTRVs) to control and change the heating in individual rooms.


Digital room thermostat

A digital room thermostat is paired with a digital boiler control to allow the user to set a seven-day heating schedule with simple on/off commands.

Who’s it for? Digital controls suit young professionals or families, because their routines can be fairly predictable. They can also be a practical option for the elderly, or people with mobility problems, because the boiler will come on reliably at the programmed times, without requiring any intervention.

Which one should I choose? The Greenstar Comfort II combines the boiler programmer with the room thermostat so the homeowner can adjust the time and temperature without having to interact with the boiler itself.


Mechanical boiler timer

The most basic of heating controls, a mechanical boiler timer allows the homeowner to set the same heating intervals every day by adjusting the ‘teeth’ on the dial.

Who’s it for? Perfect for people who struggle with technology or who are simply not interested, it allows the user to manage their heating and hot water, without either just leaving the boiler on continually, or turning the boiler on and off manually.

Which one should I choose? The MT10RF mechanical boiler timer can control the boiler through simple start/stop commands, which are transmitted by wireless communication between the transmitter and the receiver.

The most important thing, of course, is to ensure your customer is able to use their control to its full effect, so it’s always best to take the time to explain the full functionality once the installation is complete. The Worcester Bosch YouTube channel offers a series of how-to videos, produced to make the handover process with your customer as simple as possible.

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