How Building Regulations Part L in England will shape new build homes

From 15th June 2022, new build homes in England have targets to reduce carbon emissions further than previous regulations.

Within 12 months of this enforcement date, planning approved sites under the older regulations will need to be started to meet the new target to reduce down 31% emissions.

Whilst existing home changes relate to the size and commissioning of the heating system, the Part L changes to heating within new build homes include:

  • Gas boilers have a minimum efficiency of 92%.
  • Oil boilers have a minimum efficiency of 91%, or 86% if a combi boiler.
  • A heat loss calculation is carried out to ensure that the new boiler is not significantly oversized, and output set to match the calculated heat loss.
  • Full heating systems installs are sized to operate at a maximum flow temperature of 55°C.
  • System is balanced as well as flushed, cleaned and inhibitor added in accordance with BS 7593
  • The Benchmark checklist (or equivalent) completed.
  • Customer handover within five days of work being completed. This is an additional legal requirement for developers to provide them with information on their controls, including where they are and what they do, the best way to use the controls to maintain comfort and minimise energy use. Links to other documents are also required such as user manuals and any maintenance requirements.

Here’s an overview of wider changes that Part L covers:

Darren Burrage

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