Greenstar Comfort+ Stat RF
Greenstar Comfort+ Stat RF

Greenstar Comfort+ Stat RF overview

Our Comfort+ Stat RF is a smart and easy-to-use control that consists of a transmitter and a key receiver that communicate wirelessly with each other, meaning no additional wiring is required for installation.

Compatible with our MT20 mechanical timer or any existing external 230V programmers, the Comfort+ Stat provides the option of a single set point room thermostat for homeowners that want a simpler way to control their heating.

Thanks to built-in load compensation, the Comfort+ Stat falls under ErP Class V, producing an added benefit of a 3% efficiency uplift.

Features & Benefits

Pre-paired transmitter and receiver
Wireless signal strength indicator to identify best location
Quick installation with no wiring required
A simple boiler plus compliant control to add to your existing timer

Technical Details

Greenstar Comfort+ Stat RF
Part number 7 738 112 338
Efficiency uplift *

Colour White
Internet Connected
Room Thermostat
Wall Mounted
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