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We are proud to announce that our Greenstar 2000, 4000 and soon to launch Air to Water Heat Pumps are Quiet Mark certified – giving you another reason to promote and recommend Worcester Bosch products.

  • 76% of UK consumers more likely to buy an appliance labelled ‘quiet’ over an appliance of the same performance
  • 71% of consumers say it does matter how loud an appliance is when they use it at home
  • 62% of UK consumers would like their homes to be quieter

Quiet Mark Independent Survey April 2019

Why promote Quiet Mark?


Worcester Greenstar 2000 with Quiet Mark


With boiler installations being located in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, coupled with the fact your customers are spending more time living and working at home, the desire for quieter appliances is greater than ever.

Quiet Mark Heat Pump

Heat Pump

Components in air to water heat pumps can cause some units to become noisy. Therefore it is important to promote the quietness and impact of noise with heat pumps.

Noise power levels of air to water heat pumps are controlled under planning regulations where noise level must not exceed 42dB(A) one metre away from a neighbour’s nearest room.

Quiet Mark Logo

About Quiet Mark

Through scientific testing and assessment, Quiet Mark identifies the quietest appliances in multiple product categories providing an expert guide before purchase to help choose the quietest high-performance, noise reduction solutions.

Quiet Mark allows consumers to make informed choices, based on independent, expert assessment of sound levels across the category.


Don’t just take our word for it

"Runs well and quiet when in use.Very pleased with its performance."

Yvonne, August 2021 (TrustPilot)

"Great boiler low noise very energy efficient."

Keith, August 2021 (TrustPilot)

"Very good boiler and works very efficiently and is very quiet."

Pamela, August 2021 (TrustPilot)

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Greenstar 2000

Greenstar 2000

Our price competitive combi boiler, with hot water flow rates up to 12 l/min.

Greenstar 4000

Greenstar 4000

Created from the DNA of the UK’s best-selling Greenstar I, with hot water flow rates up to 12.3 l/min.

Air to Water Heat Pumps

Air to Water Heat Pumps

Utilises low-carbon technology by using ambient air as the primary energy source for space heating and hot water.

Our air to water heat pumps will be available soon!