Local Authority Case Study: Broadacres

Local Authority Case Study: Broadacres

Products Used

  • Greenstar i Junior gas-fired condensing boilers

Project overview

"At the beginning of the project Broadacres considered the specification of heating products across our entire housing stock of 5,600 homes in the North Yorkshire area. We identified that one of our supported housing schemes, Kirk House, was suffering high levels of component failure in comparison with the rest of our stock and we needed to rectify this. We looked at the scheme as a whole and worked with Worcester, Bosch Group to retrofit the entire project with twenty six Greenstar 24i Junior combi boilers.

Why do you choose to work with Worcester, Bosch Group?

Since installing the specified Worcester products, we’ve seen a 98% reduction in repairs compared to the previous systems. This is a significant cost saving and also crucial for our service provision to an area of our stock that houses some of our most vulnerable tenants.

Following on from this project, Broadacres has committed to a partnership with Worcester to replace our entire on-gas housing stock with the Greenstar 24i Junior combi boilers. Working with a company on a long term basis was crucial during specification. We weren’t seeking a temporary solution that would be in place for a few years then replaced. Additionally, we wanted to avoid a mismatch of products across our patch and needed to streamline the whole stock with one manufacturer capable of supporting us throughout an entire process to deliver a quality product. The service we have received has been fantastic.

Ultimately, with a 98% reduction in repairs to Kirk House, the products are delivering above and beyond what has been guaranteed. Investing in high quality Worcester boilers now, will help to make greater savings in the longer term. We are ambitious as we’re now aiming to increase our life cycle from 12 years to 15 years and we have no doubts that Worcester are the best possible partner to deliver this level of reliability.

Worcester have a complete product range and standardisation is key when working in a housing association set up. We have a wide variety of tenants and Worcester have offered a one-package solution that fits them all.

Innovative solutions

Additionally, product innovation is something we really value with Worcester specifications. Worcester were quite proactive in identifying a solution for the problem of frozen condensate pipes with the CondenseSure accessory – a device which is located externally on the condensate pipe that can prevent it from freezing and leading to boiler shut down. It’s such a simple and affordable idea and we’re now specifying this as standard.

Training has been crucial as Worcester have facilities where all our engineers can go to learn and also get hands on with the products. If one of our engineers has forgotten something or needs to re-cap, Worcester will always oblige with support. Worcester has also provided technical hand outs containing support information which has been useful.

As a large housing organisation, we want to deal with businesses that are customer focused, with high standards and defined ISO Accreditations. At Broadacres we believe it’s not just about the bricks, it’s about the tenants and we welcome any company which has that same ethos and puts the customer first."

- Tony Warbrook, Mechanical and Electrical Manager, Broadacres.

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