Local Authority Case Study: Worsnop House

Local Authority Case Study: Worsnop House

Products Used

  • GB162 condensing boiler
  • Greenstar Heat Interface Unit (HIU)
  • Greenskies solar thermal panels
  • Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating Gas Absorption Heat Pump

Project overview

"The project involves major refurbishment and alterations to a Sheltered Housing scheme including completely new M&E installations. We were looking for new systems to improve heating, reduce maintenance and running costs, and ultimately provide comfort for all residents in a smart new environment. We opted for a communal heating system to avoid individual boilers and gas supplies in flats through installing a cascade of GB162 boilers and a Greenstar Heat Interface Unit (HIU) within each property. To supplement the systems, we also specified Greenskies solar thermal panels and a Gas Absorption Heat Pump to enhance the overall efficiency

Why do you choose to work with Worcester, Bosch Group & Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating?

We chose Worcester for the Worsnop House project due to our existing relationship with the manufacturer which can only be described as excellent. We’d recently worked with Worcester through our replacement gas boiler programme, and Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating, a sister company to Worcester had recently introduced their Gas Absorption Heat Pump system, which met the energy efficient targets we were looking to achieve.

We are always looking for long product life spans and reduced annual maintenance costs so the products scored highly with us. Additionally, Worcester, Bosch Group has a great reputation for quality and reliability.

We have been working with Worcester on the current boiler programme since 2009 and have maintained a strong relationship with Worcester’s team, providing seminars and training as well as working with our installation contractors. This has been very important to us and means we’ll continue to work with them for years to come. Additionally, rapid service and ease of obtaining spares is critical for us, especially when dealing with heating for our residents during winter months. Our contractors are given a fixed time period to repair boilers so a company that can supply spares without causing delays is invaluable.

A complete system from a single manufacturer.

We needed a complete system from one manufacturer to avoid conflict and design issues. Worcester, Bosch Group, alongside Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating, provided the whole system design.

As a management organisation for local authority housing, we have strong policies on the environment, protection and welfare of our residents, and regularly carry out events in the community. As a result of this, we are keen to work with organisations such as Worcester that have policies which match ours and we were particularly pleased to have won a Worcester Environment 2020 award for our commitment to energy efficiency."

- Michael Gurton, Building Design & Specification Surveyor, Worsnop House.

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