Compress 7000i Air to Water & Hybrid Heat Pumps

Learn everything you need to know about our new additions to the Bosch portfolio. This course will allow you to have hands-on experience with the appliances, understand all the features and benefits, specification, installation and how to service the Bosch Compress 7000i air to water heat pumps and 7000i Hybrid heat pumps

Location(s): Worcester, Wakefield, West Thurrock
Duration: 1 day
Cost: £25.00 per person


  • Features and benefits
  • Suitable properties
  • Location of appliances and required clearances
  • Specification, installation, wiring and commissioning
  • Understand and adjusting operational parameters
  • Best practice servicing procedures
  • Inspection, service and maintenance of the indoor and outdoor unit

Models Covered:

  • Bosch Compress 7000i AW inside unit
  • Bosch Compress 7000i AW outside unit
  • Bosch Compress Hybrid 7000iAW (inside unit)
  • Bosch Compress 7000i AW (outside unit)


There are no prerequisites to attend this course however, this course is aimed at heating and hot water professionals such as: Heating Installers, Apprentices, Specifiers and System Designers.*

Additional Information:

*It is a requirement of the FGAS regulations that the operative who wants to replace any component on or recharge the refrigerant circuit of a Bosch Compress heat pump must hold relevant refrigerant handling qualifications.

If you need to cancel or rearrange a booking please provide as much notice as possible.

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