Introducing Vericon’s boiler control module (BCM)

We recognise the growing needs of our Social Housing customers to be able to monitor the condition of their housing stock, including the heating system and customers’ welfare.

We also understand that whilst the boiler is a vitally important part of the home, there is also a need for a range of other monitoring solutions from environmental monitoring to emergency light compliance testing.

This is why we are partnering with Vericon, specialist provider, offering a range of solutions that can be monitored from a single portal. Vericon's BCM can communicate with a wide range of boiler manufacturers’ appliances. The BCM also acts as a gateway for other Vericon devices which can highlight potential issues or prevent future faults completely.

Why Vericon’s BCM?

Remote monitoring solutions for affordable, reliable compliance and safety

Cost Effective  -  Find faults and manage boilers remotely  -  Designed for social housing  -  Easy to install 


Real time data allowing stock to be managed remotely.

  • Data, fault notifications and history
  • Saves cost for an engineer to attend site
  • GSM connected
  • Heating temperature settings
  • System low pressure warnings
  • Boiler Plus compliance
  • Accurate asset list

More benefits include:

  • Hours used for replacement programs
  • Full audit capability
  • QR code validation
  • Power-off sensing
  •  Property access aid
  • Interrupted gas supply sensing

Vericon products include


Boiler control module (BCM)

An innovative near universal device that connects directly to a boilers core control bus, providing two-way communication and control of many major functions.



Monitors and tops up central heating systems autonomously, helping to significantly reduce engineers visits and helpdesk calls.



Inhibitor automatically tops up the system water when levels detected as low

About Vericon’s Connect Portal

The Connect Portal is a single portal where your complete Ecosystem can be monitored, managed and maintained.

Secure cloud based data

Connect is a highly secure cloud based data processing and machine learning hub at the heart of all Vericon Systems’ solutions.

vericon sales brochure

Download our BCM brochure

Download our BCM Connect brochure to learn more about BCM Connect and other Vericon products.