What's new with the Bosch EasyControl

The Bosch EasyControl is our smart connected heating and hot water thermostat, which gives you complete control. Since the launch of our new Lifestyle boiler, the BoschEasyControl has some new, exciting features. 



The Lifestyle range features a modern new design whilst being packed with innovative new features that help to keep your home warm and your boiler working at its best.

One key feature of the new Lifestyle range is compatibility with the new wireless Bosch EasyControl. 

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Lifestyle Boiler

Wireless Connectivity

Our industry first RF key acts as a wireless receiver between the control and boiler, meaning the Bosch EasyControl can be installed wirelessly.

  • White Bosch EasyControl - Part no. 7 736 701 341
  • Bosch EasyControl RF Key - Part no. 7 738 112 351
  • Bosch EasyControl Stand - Part no. 7 736 701 576
black easycontrol

Also available in Black

  • Black Bosch EasyControl - Part no. 7 736 701 392
  • Bosch EasyControl RF Key - Part no. 7 738 112 351
  • Bosch EasyControl Stand - Part no. 7 736 701 576

How to install the wireless Bosch EasyControl

When installing the wireless Bosch EasyControl its important to follow the step by step instructions to ensure connectivity. 

To make sure the EasyControl is set up correctly, follow the step by step installation guide

Installation Guide


Easy to Use

This smart internet-connected control can be installed on the wall, or placed on our new Bosch EasyControl table stand, powered from a 3-pin plug or installed via a 2-core wire connection between the control and boiler. Our Bosch EasyControl RF key and table stand are each sold separately.


  • Smart, internet connected programmable control
  • Can be installed wirelessly with the Greenstar Lifestyle range
  • DHW and CH can be programmed, monitored and controlled via the Bosch EasyControl app
  • Decide heating times and temperatures for individual rooms with our smart Bosch TRVs*
  • Store your details directly into the  app, so your customer can contact you when they need to