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Behind every Worcester Bosch

At Worcester Bosch, we’ve spent generations pouring our passion, ingenuity and insight into creating products to warm lives, but this desire to do good goes beyond boilers. We’ve spent decades pouring that same passion into influencing positive change in other areas.

Behind every Worcester Bosch product is a genuine desire to be better in business: better for the planet, better for communities and leaving the industry in a better place. Some call it CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) but for us that sounds too much like something businesses feel like they have to do, rather than something they want to do.

So, we now recognise it as 'Behind every Worcester Bosch'. And that covers all the good we do.



To us a Worcester Bosch product should mean more than a mark of good quality, it’s about having good qualities at our core. For a business built on home heating, little ranks higher in our concerns than addressing the issue of climate change. We are at the forefront of finding sustainable solutions to warming lives, without warming the planet. 

Discover more to behind the product, to do our bit for business, the community, and the planet.

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How we run our business has always been about more than what we can do to effect commercial success, it’s about what we can do to effect positive change, both internally and on an industry and societal level. Whether it’s about investment in research and innovation, changes in how we support associates, or general industry insight you’ll find it here.

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Worcester Bosch is founded on principles that are all too often uncommon in business. We have found success thanks to the support of the people and communities who buy our products. We strongly believe it’s our social responsibility to give support back – both locally and in the wider community through charity and education.

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