Choice is a good thing, but we understand how the world of boilers could be daunting. Understanding whether you need a system boiler is actually quite simple. Like with any other boiler, the choice comes down to space, lifestyle and budget.

A boiler for a busy home

Unlike a combi (combination) boiler, which heats all water on-demand, a system boiler does this with the additional support of a separate hot water storage cylinder. This makes a system boiler a fantastic option for households with a more demanding lifestyle, where multiple people might be showering or using taps simultaneously.

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What are the benefits of a system boiler?

There are many benefits associated with installing a Worcester Bosch system boiler, but customers usually choose them for the following reasons:

  • Great if you have more than one bathroom, with multiple users
  • Provides a constant supply of hot water, to any number of taps at the same time
  • Economical to run
  • Typically, straightforward to install
  • Doesn’t require loft tanks, freeing up space for future conversion
  • Fully compatible with solar water heating systems


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System boilers

  • Perfect for homes with more than one bathroom which will be used at the same time
  • Instant supply of hot water to any number of taps at the same time, as the water is already heated up and stored ready in your hot water cylinder
  • Compatible with solar hot water systems

Combination boilers

  • Everything you need is contained within the boiler, you don’t need any additional water tanks or pumps; some combi boilers even fit inside a kitchen cupboard
  • Hot water is delivered at mains pressure, for powerful showers without the need for a pump
  • There is no risk of ‘running out’ of hot water like in a system boiler, as combi boiler create hot water on demand

Why a Worcester Bosch system boiler?

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How much do system boilers typically cost?


As with any boiler, there’s a range of costs to fit most budgets. The most accurate way of costing a system boiler would be to talk to a trusted installer who can take into account your current setup and potential needs. But typically speaking, the cost of your average system boiler will be slightly higher than an equivalent combi boiler, largely down to the additional cost of the required cylinder.

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System boiler installation

Getting a system boiler installed

With a range of compact, sleek designs and budget-friendly options, Worcester Bosch system boilers are a genuine option for a great many households.

We understand that changing your heating system can be a daunting decision. We’re here to help make the whole process easier by finding you a free, no obligation quote from local installers who we have trained and accredited on Worcester Bosch boilers – whether it’s for advice, recommendations, or simply reassurance that you’re doing the right thing, it’s always better to talk to a local heating expert. Find your local installer below.

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